Traditional Recipes: Food & Filmmaking – An Overview

This short film combines video shot by the participating youth over all eight weeks of the Traditional Recipes: Food & Filmmaking project, along with new interviews, and a fond look back at some of the high points of the workshop series.

As we come to the end of the project, the Factory Media Centre would like to thank our community partners – the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre, and The Kitchen Collective, as well as all the organizational staff who participated with us. We could not have completed this project without your kind contributions and support.

Overall, our focus was on providing high-quality specialized arts programming, encouraging artistic expression, and sharing a love for the arts and creativity. We believe this project was well-rounded, multi-layered, and a very good example of what can be achieved through partnership, collaboration, and including diverse voices in the planning and execution of a project.

We are eternally grateful to the wonderful Elders and other Indigenous community members who shared their recipes and their time with us. Each week our visitors brought a wealth of knowledge around food, history, personal interests, current issues, and the importance of sharing stories and community. We are also very thankful for the talented media artists who passed along their filmmaking skills, technical knowledge, and thoughtful storytelling to the participating youth each week.

Finally, we are happy to acknowledge the wonderfully creative, energetic, and interesting teens from the HRIC’s SHAE Program who co-created all the short films, and prepared various foods during the workshops. Students chose which area they wanted to participate in each week, engaging in two distinct creative experiences to help preserve cultural knowledge – the art of filmmaking, and the culinary arts. Throughout the workshops, teens treated each guest with kindness and respect, and participated in discussions on a variety of topics, including: diversity, inclusion, standing up for one’s beliefs, civic engagement, work ethic, entrepreneurship, running a business, environmental stewardship, and healthy living.  We are very thankful for the opportunity to get to know these great students!

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